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A lot of us take ‘before and after’ photos of a long arduous fitness journey. If you haven’t been taking, I hope after reading this article, you will take one today. I know some of you reading this will be asking- “what for? I look so ugly right now. Take for what? Waste of time. I’m just gonna keep exercising and I know I will lose those fats” Please read on, please.


Let me elaborate the power and the sheer amount of impact it can change your mindset and everyday motivation. I have came to realise this discovery a few months ago while I was going through old photos of mine. Oh my! I couldn’t recognise how I was about 10 years ago during my first year of training; A prisoner of war from Changi indeed.

A lot of people out there post before and after photos to motivate others but to me, it is something more than that; something much more personal within and spiritual. When we set a goal and want our body to be a particular fitness idol/bodybuilder, we will keep working towards it. We will never know how close we look like them because we didn’t/haven’t reach there yet. Years later, when we stumbled upon a photo taken few years ago, we will go- “Woah! Or.. Daymmnn.. is that really me?” This process of reacting made our brain cells remember that ‘new’ body forever. Your mind will no longer remember the ‘before’ photo of yourself. Your mind now register the recent photo of yourself. This totally change your world. This enhances and lifts especially your self-esteem because you know you are progressing well. This is funny and this is exactly how our human brain works. Try it and see the magic yourself.


That is why it is important to have a photo of yourself if you are taking your fitness journey seriously. Some of us already did this process unknowingly. Luckily for me, I am able to reflect upon this process and share these information with you.


This also puts away the idea of weighing yourself frequently. You can actually don’t need to weigh yourself anymore. That transformation of your body will always stay inside your mind forever and keeps the level of motivation high.


So, for those who are interested, simply take a photo of your naked or semi naked photo; front view, side view and back view. No need to be professionally taken etc. Just take with your camera’s timer is fine. It is entirely up to you if you want this transformation to go online or not. If it is too troublesome, you can take a photo just like how I did in this article. Simple. As you progress further, you can take specific photos which you want to compare results with eg. arms, butt, chest, etc.


For ladies, if you are reading this, don’t shun away. I know what you have been working hard to squat, deadlift, hip thrust for the sake of your booties and legs. You are dying to take photos of your butt to see if there is any improvements, or you have already did. Hey, I just want to tell you- there is nothing wrong with you. Some friends will say some negative things about you, don’t be bothered by them. You know what? You don’t need these people in your life at all. You are on the right track!


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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong


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