How to get six packs in 6 weeks.

This is actually a marketing tool to fool you into clicking to this post! Attracting words like six pacs accompanied by a juicy photo, for sure, one will be tempted to read more. You are reading it now, aren’t you? This is exactly how it works. Most of the time, if you don’t understand the real facts behind six packs, you will forever be tricked by these kinds of advertisement or marketing scams. Worse still, be hoaxed by personal trainers who tells you that it is possible to get abs within 2 months so you can sign up a training package with them.

Let me explain how the abdominal muscle works. For many centuries, the abs were viewed as the most aesthetic part of a human being. It doesn’t come in six packs. It all depends on an individual’s genetics . Some have deep, evenly separated abs but some like me has shallow, uneven abs. Some has 4, 6, 8 or even 10 packs!

Everyone is born with a set of abdominal muscle, chest, biceps muscle, etc. You must be looking down to your tummy now and asking why it is not showing? It is actually hidden behind a layer of fats. A huge chunk of fats. No amount of crunches can get you abs too. I can dare you to eat whatever you want and do 10,000 crunches daily, after 3 months, you will not see your any sign of abs because this is not how our body works.

You have to first lower your overall fat percentage then your abs will be slightly visible. The lower your body fat is, the more visible(deeper) your abs will be. Like I’ve mentioned in this post, , fats are the first to be stored in your stomach area.

When someone asked me ‘Amirr, how do I get 6 packs?’ I would ask them why do they want 6 packs for? A lot of time, the general public didn’t know that photos shown in magazine, example the one in this post, the abs are there for a month. This body is being peaked and can last only for a few days because of research science. A person cannot maintain that razor sharp abs for 365 days, year round. This goes the same for movie stars. They do not stay so sharp year round. There will be some months of blur, then back on track. I will cover more about this in the near future. Even I can’t do that. Our human body will always go into homeostasis mode which means, it will auto-reset back to its original state if the amount of work done is not the same as before.

The second thing I said to them is, “Yes, you can get 6 packs but what are you going to do after the six packs are out?” Too many times people didn’t think of the latter. A lot of people didn’t know that maintaining those abs are the hardest to do. It can be done but it may not suit your current lifestyle. It requires a lot of commitment, determination and patience. If getting abs is so easy, everyone will be walking half-naked at Orchard Road, shopping.

The last thing I said to them is, “Yes, you can have 6 packs but you have to eat and train like me”. Most people actually said- “forget it, I don’t want to be a bodybuilder like you”. Hard fact huh? Indeed. A lot of people want six packs and doesn’t want to be a bodybuilder. Little do they know they need the mindset of a bodybuilder in order to have that six packs. Agree? Let us read on.

Let’s face it. Not many people can stick to 250g of meat, 100g of rice and a cup of broccoli, 4 times a day for months. Even myself will need a short break. But to diet this hard, you need hell lot of determination and patience. Not even a single cheat meal within that period of time. This is the hard fact.

To be training 5 times a week, dedicating 4 hours a day, splitting weight training and cardio apart, having no off days even if the training day falls on a Sunday. Got to constantly reject friends’ invitation, meet-ups or constantly prepping food while I go out. Are you willing to sacrifice and how long can you do that for? Does it make sense at all?

Being strong, healthy, masculine doesn’t equate to having 6 packs. All I want to convey to you here is to live your life happily. Happy within your inner self and happy with your surroundings. Thank God for everything.

It is ok you don’t have a razor sharp six pack year round. It is ok you have a slight tummy. Everyone got a life. You got yours too. Why let all these be a burden in your life? All you are searching is self-confidence. You can do it without six packs. Even myself, I don’t have these six packs year round. I do it to get sharper when I am going for contest. Are you going contest too? To be honest with you, I typed this post without any abs anymore. I am no longer like the photo in this post.

Keep training and don’t be lazy. If after reading this and you still want 6 packs,keep your diet tight then. Cheat a little if your deadline is still far away. I wish you happiness and peace in life.

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong


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