How to stay motivated

At some point of your life, you will find yourself losing the motivation towards your goal. Even I do. It is perfectly fine as we are all humans with emotions. Throughout my 10 years of bodybuilding journey, believe it or not, I have wanted to give up so many times. Each day, I struggled so hard to get back on track and do what I always dreamt of. After all these struggling, here I am today, to share with you some tips to help you stay motivated and be on track.

1. Why did you even started in the first place?

Yes. You got to ask yourself that question. The only reason I kept going was because of why I started out in the beginning. You have to keep asking yourself within your inner self why.. why are you doing this? The intention and state of mind must be clear of what you want in order to move forward. With this, then you have the drive to go on.

2. This is your Goal, not a burden.

Never let your goals be a burden to you. Make your goal be part of your lifestyle. Try to dial in slowly. Never deem your goal as a sacrifice. You chose this goal, you got to honor it and be proud of it.

3. Think of something personal which affects you.

Being 2nd place for a few occasions, it drove me insane to work even harder. Everyday before training, I would ask myself why I got that 2nd place. Can I do better than that? Is is I am not working hard enough to be the 1st place? It became a daily challenge I would question myself. Eg. Say- your circle of friends called you fat. Use that as a positive motivation to keep going everyday. However, never turn it into hate. Take it lightly from them yet positively to drive yourself. Always remember my quote, “There is no need to show how good you are. Let them see how good you really are”.

4. Planning ahead of you.

Always plan your routine one night before. Never wake up in the morning and then decide what to do for the rest of the day. That way, you already planned to fail and you failed to plan. Never live a day by a day. Instead, plan and anticipate your week ahead. Any last minute adjustments you need to do, at least you have an idea what is going to happen for that week.

5. Have some favorite playlists.

Have a list of your favorite songs which will raise your adrenaline or ‘keep you in your zone’ when you listen to it; songs which will remind you why you started this goal before. If you need ideas or amazing playlist, you can find me in spotify: amirrudinong.

6. Go have a cheat meal!

Have one good quality cheat meal every now and then to boost your well being. After eating, tell yourself you will work even harder for your next session. I mean 1 cheat meal. Not a day of cheat meals. Don’t be too much.

7. Take a week off.

If you still can’t find motivation to get back on track, take a week off and re-organize your thoughts. Stop going to the gym or stop doing anything related to your goal. Just let go of everything and let your mind and body flow by itself. Have a short holiday by yourself or your loved one. This final point had helped me a lot over the years when I lost my motivation.

What ever happens, never give up. You can stop but never give up. I wish you all the best, keep going and nothing stops you.

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Your Fitness Coach,
Amirrudin Ong


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