The Living Conditions Of Livestock Reared For Food

A lot of us know exactly what is going on in the food production industry where animals are injected with hormones and are sometimes genetically modified to feed the world’s population. However, some of us live in ignorance or plain denial.

The natural diet of many of these livestock are changed to grains and other unknown sources. Many farmers are concerned more about turning a profit than your health. I will briefly tell you what are the living conditions of a few animals that are being raised after my years of research. I am not making any false claims as I will leave realiable sources for you.

Chickens are being caged up with no room to move from an early age. They are then removed from that space and the next batch of chicks take over the and the cycle repeats. These chickens literally do not move their bodies their whole lives except for their necks.

Farmed fish are found in over-crowded waters inside a fish farm, with little room for fish to swim around. These ponds are usually contaminated.

Cows are no longer grazing on grass. They are being fed grains and other unknown sources of food. Due to marketing and branding, even though grass fed beef is marketed to consumers, many of these cows were only grass-fed in the beginning stages but were grain fed towards the end to become fatter and heavier to increase their value. Check out this link for more information on these fanciful terms found on food labels:

Yes, you can say that our bodies have been screwed up eating all these meats over the years. However, fear not as our own genetics have since evolved too. I would still recommend to have rotation of meat at least once a week. I am eating beef and chicken on a weekday and fish in the weekend. With this rotation, you will have all nutrients covered.


Your Coach,
Amirrudin Ong


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