Trigger Point Release

I started treating clients after successfully treating myself (having a lot of lower back issues) with numerous non invasive styles of stretching and applying trigger point release in 2015.

Working with various chiropractors and physiotherapists, it expanded my knowledge further.

Over 5 years, I’ve helped clients who were in their 30s, all the way to those in their 80s. My sessions alleviated common pains like knee pains, lower back pains/stiffness, shoulder pain/tightness, inability to walk, stand, sit for long, plantar fiatisics, and other common pain/injuries.

Example cases:
Suspected frozen shoulders, inability to sit cross legged, chronic low back pain, neck pain, knee pain while walking up stairs, restricted arm movements, unable to squat, etc.

If you are experiencing any chronic tightness or soreness in your muscles, this therapy will greatly benefit you, and you will feel the difference right after 1 session.

Recommended doing every fortnight.

What You Will Get
Therapy session 45mins – 50mins
Free first session postural assessment (worth $150)
Summary Of Your Body condition
PNF Stretching
Full body massage
Trigger point release
Foot to neck coverage