I am currently conducting a 3 hour Squat Hypertrophy Workshop every 2nd week of the month from 10am-1pm, at Grit Singapore, 39 Carpenter Street 03-01. 

In this workshop, I will be covering some of the below points:

Basics of squat
Essential warm ups before a squat
How grip and Bar placement on traps affects your squat
Difference between a powerlifting squat and hypertrophy
How Upper back, Hip flexors tightness and Upper torso rigidity affects your squat and muscle activation
How Feet stance and placement affects hypertrophy
What is Intra Abdominal Pressure and how it helps you to be stronger
How to effectively use a lifting belt for maximum effectiveness
Proper activation of muscles while doing a squat Techniques while doing a squat
Types of squats to be covered -Jefferson squat -Back squat -front squat

Bonus- All kinds of lunges and diet tips towards the end of workshop

I got only 6 slots per workshop for quality coaching and attention. 1 large banana, 1 500ml UFC Coconut water and mineral water will be provided to each individual participant.

Please email me to book your slots if you are interested.

 Squats Final (Compressed)
Squats Final (Compressed)