Online Fitness Coaching

online coaching

Online fitness coaching has been popular recently due to the fact that you can still get coach by your trainer even when you are not staying at the same area and you can adjust your timing to fit your own schedule. To be able to help out some of my clients, I have decided to come out with my own coaching online. Take a look below on what I will be doing online with you.

My services

  1. Unlimited questions. It will be $50/week, no bond no nothing. Pay as and when you like after 1 week of my service.
  2. Customized nutritional plan to develop a sustainable diet, according to your lifestyle, rather than a crash diet plan for you
  3. Customized training program for you if you do workout
  4. Supplementation guidance
  5. Learn about cooking skills, eg how to cook salmon from start. 
  6. Essential Grocery shopping tips, details on what to buy, what to look out for etc
  7. Check in 2x a day and replies will be according to my availability

If you are interested, please Paynow me and whatsapp me 97735832, we can get started but I will count as 1 week service from tomorrow onwards 🙂