Amirr is a very mindful and meticulous coach from the get go. Based on the goals I wanted to reach, he devised and personalized a workout and nutrition plan that would suit not only my lifestyle but also my irregular work schedule. I also like the fact that the workouts evolved over time and were never static and boring, and it was challenging enough to finish despite never being too easy for my fitness level. Outside of the gym, Amirr goes above and beyond the scope of a trainer, often times taking up his own precious time just to impart his knowledge on ways to tweak my diet and nutrition. I always felt like I was getting more than my money’s worth, with him being generous with sharing ideas on how I can devise my own workouts without him around as well. Amir is a very good coach that will see to your every fitness goal and need, and while I gained a sustainable fitness lifestyle through him, I also gained a good friend.
Don richmond
Don Richmond
Music Director / Clicknetwork Host
Mr. Amirrudin Ong was one of my trainers at Ritual Gym, since July 2014 when I first joined the gym as a member. Focused and meticulous, paying great attention to detail and form, Amirrudin, was not just encouraging as a coach, but also knew how and when to push his clients to achieve more, while educating them about important issues such as proper form and injury prevention. He is also approachable, and in his free time, strives to further his knowledge about working out and eating healthy. I have learnt a fair bit from reading his blog, which speaks about issues relevant to those who wish to know more about adopting a healthier lifestyle. All in all, Amirrudin is not just a coach in the half hour I spend with him, but his passion for fitness is infectious beyond the confines of the gym. I have definitely gained from training under his guidance, and believe he is an asset to any organization he joins in future.
Jack and Rai Band
With his knowledge about human physiology and training, coupled with an eye for detail, Amirr is able to give me seemingly minor pointers during my workout that ensure I keep improving even after I have been training at Ritual for a year. He also understands the importance of nutrition and is happy to have a chat and share his wealth of knowledge anytime. He is the only coach I have given five stars to and I would highly recommend training with him.
Dawn Tan
Yoga Teacher
Coach Amirr Ong is a very dedicated coach. During training he will focus on your weakness and guide you through slowly. When he sees your progress he will praise you of course. I like that he always teaches me new movements on how i can improve on my bad posture and it really helps! Not only physically but mentally too surprisingly. Coach Amirr Ong is overall a very fun and loving person, once you are under him, you will gain more knowledge about fitness and life than you expected!
Alina Tan
Fitness Enthusiast
Amirr is an exceptional coach. Whenever he coaches my sessions at Ritual Gym, he would always find a way to fine tune and correct my postures; even a minute adjustment to my posture made me feel a lot of difference during the movement! He knows how to encourage us, and when to push us. Because of his effort, I feel stronger and I can feel that I have developed more strength especially in my upper body. This has helped me a lot in my yoga practice as I can now achieve more arm-balance yoga postures. Thank you, Amirr.
Trudy Chang
Trudy Chang
Fitness Enthusiast