Misconceptions Of Fruits (Part 1)

In this article, let us have a look at how by eating fruits are beneficial to us and how it can actually make us gain weight unknowingly. Quite a long article but rich in content, special thanks to all my friends and followers who feedback to me. Let’s read on!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional or qualified doctor. This article is written based on my years of experience, research, and personal experimentation. You are strongly advised to read with an open mind. Scholarly articles are provided to support some claims in this article.

Which Fruit Is The Best To Eat?

I am sure a lot of us would want the easy way out and get the ‘best’ fruit. Do you believe there is such a thing? I personally do not. I believe in a wide selection of fruits in your diet and to be eaten in moderation.For example, avocados have good fats that apples cannot provide. Blueberries have magical antioxidant properties that pears do not have and so on. Hence, variety is the key to everything in life.

How much Fruits To Eat Daily?

This part gets a little tricky because 1 whole watermelon and 1 whole apple are not the same. Most of us do not weigh our food and there is absolutely no way to weigh fruits when you are out. Unless some of you guys really bring a weighing scale with you wherever you go and weigh? I am not that hardcore. An estimated guide would be to use a fist or a handful of fruits to measure. E.g. a handful of blueberries is about 70g. An apple, an orange, a small slice of papaya would be my go-to portion once or twice daily. I find this video useful as a guide. According to Harvard School of Public health, one should be eating 4 and a half cups of fruits and vegetables a day. That is about 1000+g of both fruits and vegetables. So, if we split that into half, that would be 500g of fruits per day. A good approximate of a daily serving will be a banana, an apple, an orange and a packet of berries (approx. 150g).

How Much Is Too Much Fruits In Your Diet?

What would be considered too many fruits is eating 6 whole durians every single day. There is no such thing as having too much fruits as long as you rotate between consuming different types of fruits each time, every now and then. For example, having 3 oranges after your meals can be too much. Hence, eat in moderation.

Does Fruits Contain Sugar?

Yes! You are reading it correctly: Fruits contain sugars like glucose, fructose, sucrose, etc. They are the simplest form of carbohydrates which the body can readily absorb them. If fruits are taken in excess daily, it will no doubt be stored as fat.

Why No Fruits When Trying To Lose Weight?

When our fat percentage in our body is already high, the last thing we want is to have excess carbohydrates in our diet. We are trying to cut down as many calories as possible. Having said that, no fruits during the losing weight phase doesn’t mean no fruits forever. After you see some progress in your body, you may then progressively re-introduce fruits back into your lifestyle.

Which Fruits Help To Lose Belly Fats?

There is certainly no fruits on earth that allows you to lose belly fats just by eating it. Perhaps extracts from fruits in fat burning supplements may be able to help you with that. However with whole fruit, there are none. If there is such a fruit, all gym and supplement companies will go bust. On the other hand, have you ever wondered how those belly fats come about? Read here to find out more.

Will Fruits Make Me Fat?

To answer this, let me break down into two parts. Yes, it can make you fat if your daily calorie intake is already at its sky high. No, it will not make you fat if you are eating them in moderation. Fruits contain simple sugars and it goes straight to Glycogen storage. However, fruit like avocado is a dense fruit where it contains a lot of unsaturated fats which contributes to your daily fat intake. Henceforth, fats and glycogen stores are two separate terms altogether.

Fruits Before Or After Meal?

There is a study that states fruits has to be taken before meals as the fibers can help reduce the absorption of simple sugars. I preferably do not eat fruits after a meal because it is regarded as excess calories. A good example would be during a buffet, I would begin with a small plate of fruits before hitting the food section. Hence if you wish to lose weight, avoid fruits especially after your mains.

Is There A Best Time To Eat Fruits?

I personally eat fruits first thing in the morning and from my experience, drinking 250ml of water and a large banana never fail to send me to the toilet for number 2. In my opinion, there is no best time to eat fruits but what type of fruits eaten at what time. As mentioned earlier, Bananas are taken prior to any workout and after. Pineapple and papaya are great be taken before or after meals for its digestive enzyme properties.

Are Sugar in Fruits – Good or Bad?

Your body will not know if it is a good or bad sugar. To me, sugar is sugar but in this case, fruits contain other nutrients more than just sugar! You are nourishing your body with nutrients besides mere sugar. Again, eat in moderation.

Will Fruits cause high Sugar level in blood?

Judging from my knowledge, certain fruits do cause a surge in sugar level in blood but this will not have any negative effects for a general human being. People with Diabetes will have to consult their dietician to see which fruits are best avoided that may potentially affect the sugar level in their blood, as it may differ for each individual. Click here to read more. The fibers and phenols in whole fruits actually slow down the sugar surge in your body as compared to a fruit juice. Hence, fruit juice raises sugar level in our blood. A good example of consuming fruit juice is straight after a workout. Fruits/fruit juices are used to replenish our glycogen storage.

Is There Such Thing As A ‘Fruit Only’ Diet?

Yes! It is called Fruitarianism, where you will be eating fruits the whole day! For example, it can be as many as about 50 bananas a day! They are very similar to Vegetarian diet. Please do have a read on that. Personally, I have never tried an all-fruit diet and so it is best not to comment on it. Just a “fruit” for thought for you!

Why Banana Are Commonly Taken Before Training?

I am sure at some point in your life you have heard, ‘oh! Eat bananas before and after your workout! It builds muscles!’ Familiar? Haha. That is an absolute myth.
Eating a banana before a workout provides glucose, sucrose, and fructose at the same time for maximum energy utilization. Also, it contains potassium which is crucial especially for endurance sports where athletes may experience muscle cramps due to perspiration. However, do you know banana is not the fruit which has the highest potassium amount? Guess which fruit has it? *Drum roll*… Avocado has the highest! It has almost double that of bananas! Having said that, this doesn’t mean avocados should be consumed before your workout. Avocado contains a lot of good fats and during exercise, our body does not use fats as the first source of energy.

Are Bananas With Black Spots OK To Eat?

My parents will always tell me the black spotted skin of banana are actually ‘spoilt’ until I got into bodybuilding in 2006. These spots are actually called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), which has the ability to combat abnormal cells. These black spotted bananas have a much higher sugar content than an ordinary yellow skin Banana. Hence, it is better to eat it during/after a workout. They are also used especially for baking. Thereby, these black spots are not to be avoided or cut off to be discarded.

Any Fruits Which Can Help In Bodybuilding Diet?

This question not only relates to Bodybuilding but to everyone in general as well. I feel that everyone ought to know about this. Please remember these 2 fruits – Pineapple and Papaya.. Why? They contain food enzymes which break down food more effectively and naturally without the supplementation of enzymes. If you carefully observe the ingredients of an enzyme supplement in future, you will be able to see pineapple and papaya in it. Then we have starfruits, watermelons, and coconut. They are an excellent thirst quencher. Watermelons are also well known for its diuretic properties. These fruits especially durians or black spotted bananas, are used to replenish the glycogen storage alongside with 10-20g of creatine as it needs simple carbohydrates to effectively channel creatine into your body. The best part is it also helps with your muscle building process!

Which fruits are the best and worse? To be revealed… so stay tuned to part II of Misconceptions of fruits!

Your Coach,
Amirrudin Ong


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