Misconceptions Of Fruits (Part 2)

Welcome back! Let us continue with part 2 below:
PS: If you haven’t read Misconceptions Of Fruits (Part 1), please go here.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional or qualified doctor. This article is written based on my years of experience, research, and personal experimentation. You are strongly advised to read with an open mind. Scholarly articles are provided to support some claims in this article.

Does Durian Build Muscles?

I have to have a mention here for durians to de-myth because many gym-goers really thought durians can build muscles, like Bananas. Durians actually contain a lot of simple sugars like glucose, fructose, sucrose which can replenish the depleted glycogen storage really quickly. In addition, durian does contain a fair amount of protein. 1 small durian contains about 9g of protein, eating 5 of these will be 45g of protein! From my experience, right after training and eating lots of durians, my body feels pumped up and glycogen levels filled up. It maximizes body reparation which aids the muscles to repair at its optimal rate. Hence, it does build muscles indirectly with the help of protein. All in all, protein needs carbohydrates to build muscles. This is a common misconception that most people have, the mistaken function of carbohydrates. Click here to read more.

Which Fruits Have High Protein Content?

I know you have been always trying to find out which food has the highest amount of protein, but what about protein in fruits? This table is just a rough guide for you and I wouldn’t recommend you guys to keep eating these fruits just for its protein content! Let’s us have a look at the table below for comparison:

Which Fruits Have The Least Amount Of Sugar?

Which Fruits Are High In Fiber?

Which Fruits are Difficult To Digest?

Most fruits can be easily digested as they are in the simplest sugar form. However, there are fruits that can keep you feeling full for many hours. Examples are Avocado and coconut. The white ‘meat’ of coconut will keep you full for about 2-3 hours.

Are Fruit Juice Bad?

Yes it is if you are buying from fruit juice stalls. This is based on my personal experience as I used to work in a hawker center. Vendors will add a percentage of ‘sugar water’ into your fruit juice. Don’t believe me? Seeing is believing – observe how they make your juice. Most of the time, they will have the juice made hidden from the consumers. So it is always best to have homemade juices, exclude the unnatural sugars and consume them right away when while it is still fresh!

Is Eating fruits vs drinking the same?

In my opinion, I feel they are not the same in many factors. Eating fruits is measurable eg. eating 1 apple as compared to drinking a cup of 250ml of apple juice which needs about 3 apples. Juicing removes a lot of fiber content. I personally prefer whole fruit. For more information, please read here.

Is Juice Cleansing or Detoxing Good?

To be honest, this is a marketing gimmick to get people into buying their juices in my point of view. I feel my money will be spent well if it is spent on real, organic solid food. Logically speaking, we all know by drinking juices a few days in a row causes our body to be in an extreme calorie deficit as compared to 3-4 solid meals plus snacks consumed per day. This naturally leads to weight loss over time. With weight loss, consumers may find themselves feeling good, feeling much lighter, more alert and start testifying that detoxing works. Why? Because they no longer eat  junk food such as pasta, bread, and wheat which contains a lot of gluten that is usually consumed daily! It is not all due to the juice! Hence, this is a kind of placebo effect taking place that shouts “fruit juice actually works!”. You can read more here and here on how scientists and nutritionists worldwide are against the idea of fruit-juice detoxing methods. I have never tried going on a fruit-juice detox so I am not the best testimony for it.

What about Dried Fruits?

Dried fruits have high sugar concentration and if taken too much, it can spike the sugar level in blood. Eat in moderation and you will be fine. Simply select a handful of dried fruits per serving and it is good enough.

Does SuperFruits Truly Live Up To Its Name?

I am sure you heard of Acai berries as one of the many super fruits on earth for its ability to boost the immune system as it is heavily advertised. Are they true?  Yes, to a certain extent. Acai does boost the immune system but I disagree with the term superfruit. It is merely used as a marketing tool to attract or ‘wow’ consumers. Every fruit is a superfruit! Every fruit has its own unique properties and helps our human body for many ways. What if I tell you red dates are actually one of those miracle fruit that has a lot of researches done commonly disregarded? It is the only fruit containing almost all minerals you can think of. It can cure majority of the 1st world countries diseases based on some researches! It is easily available in most supermarkets. Simply take 1 or 2 dates per day and you will see a difference within a few months.

Is There A Best Timing And Formula To Snack On Fruits Throughout The day?

I usually consume fruits only during weekends. However, let me share my experience with fruits. I will usually eat half an avocado with sea salt sprinkled on top of it, twice daily; first thing in the morning and right after dinner. Another interesting method will be to include a half boiled egg on top of the avocado. If you are a berry lover, feel free mix a variety of berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and mulberries together. Servings will be slightly less than the size of your palm for per berry since you are mixing them together. Have you heard of overnight oats?. You can slice bananas, berries, avocados to be mixed with your oats for a refreshing breakfast! Lastly, the most common and lazy way for a fruit snack is just to grab one of these and eat- an apple, an orange, pear when you are hungry.

I hope managed to cover all possible questions and debunk some myths about fruits allowing you to make more concise decisions on your future fruit choices and intake.

If you think this article will help your friend or helpful in many ways, spread the word by sharing this post. Make a difference today!.

Your Coach,
Amirrudin Ong


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