9 Tips To Stay On Track For Your 2019 Fitness Resolution

It is coming towards the end of 2018 and a lot of us will have so called, new ‘resolutions’ for 2019. Whatever your resolutions are, there is only one which I really want you to bear in mind and never give up- your fitness resolution. Please, don’t be just a normal ‘revolutionist’ only for the month of January.

Whether to lose some kilos, gain some chest muscles, fit into your old clothings again etc. Start of January, you will be so eager to pay a huge sum of money to join a new gym, ready to spend on supplements, training gears, etc. This fire on the candle was so brightly lit but towards the end of January, it is slowly diminishing until it died silently. When the next year approaches, you will do the same thing you did now. This cycle then go on and on. Aren’t you tired of it it is actually happening to you?

Fitness can be a goal, it can be a journey or even a lifestyle for you. Your life, you choose. Try to think about long-term. If not, you will end up pursuing half way or no results at all. I’ve created a few pointers for you to follow and think about and hope it helps:

1. Sit down and analyse what is it you really want

Is it a goal? Short or long term? After you have achieve your goal, what are you doing to do next? Stay there and rot? A lot of people never think of the part after they achieve their goals. You got to ask deep within yourself- what’s next. Have a six pack abs for the rest of your life? Of course you can but are you willing to commit to such bold goal?

2. Prioritize

Are you ready to give up something you are doing right now to pursue your goal? Eg. If you always go drinking till very late and wants to gain muscles, it doesn’t work. It is either muscles or drink. Period.

3. Commitment and Effort

How much effort/commitment will you be putting in? Some people keep thinking that as long as they go to the gym is enough. 1x a week and how hard are you really pushing yourself each time? No, it is not going to work that way! Try to dedicate your time and effort towards your goals.

4. Existing Commitments

Are there any existing commitments which you are in right now? Eg. Petty girlfriend who doesn’t understand and always needs attention? If so, you got to make her understand your goal. Speak with her. If not, your new year resolution will be another year of resolution.

5. Backup Plans

Will there be anything you predict or foresee which can hinder your progress of your goal? Is there any backup plans or you just want to react to it when it happens? Eg. You just got a new job and the gym will be a distance to get to. Are you ready for the traveling time, your meal prepping and all?

6. No shortcuts or easy way out

Never think of shortcuts or short-changing your way towards your goal. I don’t believe in shortcuts but I do believe in working smart. Working smart is easier said than done. It comes with experience and a lot of observation work.

7. Reviewing your goals

Review your goal every 2 weeks. Ask yourself if you are on track. Eg. Are you going to the gym 3x a week. Are you seeing a little results? If not, always be patient. Never back out just because you don’t see results in a week. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

8. Have a log book

Write whatever is needed there. So when anything goes wrong, you can refer back and see what went wrong. I am a strong believer of having a log book because I never believe in it but I tried for a year and it helped me so much that I couldn’t thank Jay cutler more for it.

9. Be patient.

I can’t emphasize anything more than this. You need a tremendous amount of patience especially in your fitness goals. Let me give you an example. If you are fat since young and at the age of 30, you decided to make a change to your body, with whatever knowledge, guidance you have, do you think you can see progress in a month? No way! That’s the point I am trying to convey to you. A realistic time frame I would say is 1 year or more. You took a whooping 30 years to gain those fats and you want to lose those 30 years of fat storage in a month? Is that even healthy to you?

Always remember that- Fitness cannot be a burden to you. I strongly advise you to start out your fitness journey slowly. If you don’t see results, don’t feel dishearten. Take a step back and re-look at what had gone wrong. Never back give up, never ever look back.

It took me 15 years to get to where I am right now. I went through a lot of setbacks, hardships and struggles. You got to believe in yourself that you can do it too. Time is all you need. I wish you all the best from here. Re-read the 9 pointers above again or my other previous posts when you need help.

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Your Fitness Coach
Amirrudin Ong


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