Festive Season Eating Guide

Yes! Few more hours will be your food feasting. How do you feel actually? Are you feeling a little guilty? Or with no remorse at all? 😷 All right, for those who didn’t read a post dated 4th December, this is your last piece of my personal advice so that you can eat without so much guilt. Yes, from my experience. You are going to do a partial intermittent fasting. If you don’t know what it means, simply put it this way- You are going to eat nothing but drink plain water for 10 hours. You didn’t read wrongly; Eat nothing for 10 hours.

Hold on please. Don’t panic. Step by step below. 👇

Rule #1: Calculate backwards Say, you have a dinner party at 5pm, you will work backwards 10 hours. At 8am, you shouldn’t be eating anything until 5pm. During these 10 hours, only plain water / coffee (without sugar, milk or cream) is allowed.

Rule #2: No feasting When you reach the 5pm party, eat a small serving of vegetables and any kind of meat for your first serving. You don’t want to upset your stomach after so many hours of fasting. Finish your 1st serving and chat with your friends/family members.

Rule #3: Eat your carbs last After fasting, your body will constantly crave for carbs or sugar. Due to this fasting, your body will need more carbs and sugar than usual because it thinks that you are going to fast again. Hence, it has the ability to store even more.

Rule #4: Sip your soft drinks Try your best not to gulp down your soft drink. Sip it slowly instead. After fasting, your body is in a state of replenishing more sugars for your next fast. This is how smart our body can be. The same reason as Rule #3.

If you are doing back to back visiting, just regulate your carbs intake. If you are feasting for the next 4 days, do this fasting for 4 days and follow rule #1 to #4. You’ll be fine.

You can simply google the wonders of fasting and what it can do to your body if you want to know more. If you are really keen on this, contact me. I’ll help you for sure. Of course, I still practice fasting but a modified version 😃

Please re-read this post if you want to eat guilt-free. I personally wish you a very Happy Christmas 🎅 and a Happy New Year 🎃. A new year post will be up on the day itself. Stay tuned!

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong



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