All You Need To Know About Sports Supplements

I bet you are taking supplements which you don’t even know why you are taking them right now. Nah.. you are telling me your friends recommend them? Come on! Those are your precious hard earned money! Whether you are a female or male reading this, I have everything covered for you both. I hope this short article will help you achieve a better understanding about supplementation and your health.

Where Can I Buy Supplements Locally?

There are quite a lot of shops you can buy from Singapore. You can check out the following: Please comment below if I missed out any good deal stores or it is not around in the market! (*Highly Recommend*) Use Code: Kas10 for 10% before you check out your cart!‎

Where Can I Buy Supplements Online?

I usually get my supplements from They have free shipping to Singapore and usually takes about 7-10days to arrive. I have been ordering from this site since 2012. No parcels are being lost. Prices of supplements are really reasonable. You got to check it out. Another new site I found this year is They got free shipping to Singapore if you spend more than 200GBP and most of the time, they got 25% off or even 60% off the total price. Amazing deal. Other overseas supplements would be and You can check it out which has the best deals.

Which Is Cheaper; Local Or Online Supplement Stores?

This is really a hard question. I chose to buy overseas because they have a lot more variety and the price is a lot more cheaper. Of course, sometimes you do get good deals locally too! You just have to look out regularly.

Which Brand To Get?

There are many supplement brands floating in the market and I know sometimes it can be rather confusing and frustrating to choose from. There is no Best Brand etc. My advice to you is to read the reviews from people of that particular product and the ingredients. Research on the ingredients and see what they actually do to your body. Never buy a supplement which you don’t even know how it actually benefits your body. To find out more about what brands are good, please visit They especially test products and rate them according to Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Ingredient Safety and Projected efficacy. Just visit the site and you make the decision which to buy.

Are There Any Side Effects To Supplements?

Yes and No. It all depends on what supplement it is and how an individual reacts to it. You might want to google online for full details about a supplement before purchasing them. Let’s take for an example: One mild side effect of a supplement, pre-workout drink if overdosed, one will ‘crash’ hours after workout; totally exhausted and worn-out.

Does All These Supplements Actually Work?

Yes, supplements work but to me, it works only to a certain extent. In my honest opinion, supplements only work when you have proper rest, sleep, balance in life and a good diet. What is a good diet? A good diet to me means you cook them daily, including Saturday and Sunday. Yes, this is strict because I always believe that supplements do not thrive in a place where junk food is being consumed daily. What is proper rest? 6-8 hours of sleep is what I have been doing every single night. Your body repairs while you sleep. Your muscles are damaged when you go to the gym. Hence, make sure you have all the basics mentioned above.

Why Are There So Many Kinds Of Pill Form In The Market?

As far as I know, there are capsule, tablet, caplet, soft-gel, chewable, powder and liquid form of supplements. Each of them got their own pros and cons. Mainly, absorption rate and their cost of manufacture. Everyone got their own form of preference of supplements; convenience sake etc. Also, some forms are simply marketing scheme to attract human beings to purchase. A good example is sizzling Vitamin C vs a normal 1000mg powdered capsule.

Is There A Difference Between Tablets And Capsules?

Yes of course! You will see that tablet form of supplements are usually cheaper as compared to capsules. They are compressed whereby a capsule is in powder form which can be really versatile. Some supplements have to be compacted because there are too many materials to be made in powder form. The powder inside the capsule are easily absorbed by your body as compared to a tablet. A tablet takes sometime to break down. This affects absorption rate. Lastly, tablet can last longer than capsule as capsule is not air-tight. In my opinion, always go for capsule because it is more stomach friendly. Just prepare to pay a little extra for capsules.

Do I Take My Supplements Before Or After Meals?

It really depend on the type of supplements you are taking. Usually, fat burners are taken before meal and never before bedtime. Multi-vitamins, fish oil etc are taken after meal. The type of supplements you are taking will indicate when to take them on its label itself. Read them.

Can I Take All These Pill Supplements All At One Time?

Over the years, I have always been practicing spreading out my pill supplement throughout the day(3-4 times a day). It was a hassle back then but as time goes by, it became a ritual. Back then, I tried to gulp down my pill supplements, about 7 of them straight down after my breakfast. Then my pee was yellow for the rest of my day. I am peeing all those supplements actually. Why? The body can only absorb a certain amount of minerals. The rest which cannot be absorbed, they are being discharged from the body. And yea, my pee was so expensive back then! Now you read about this, try spreading your pills 2-4 times across the day to minimize the yellowing of your urine.

Can Supplements Help Me Lose Weight / Gain Muscle Mass?

We all have heard this sentence over and over again. All right, let me explain. Does adding protein shakes into your existing diet helps in building/gaining muscles? Yes. Does drinking just protein shakes, skipping your meals, helps in building/gaining muscles? No. Supplements are there to (sup-pli-man) your diet. In another words, in order for your supplements to work, you need to have a solid diet plan. Your diet plan is your base. If not, you will be wasting a lot of money on supplements. In my honest opinion, supplements are just 2% of your success.

Can I Take Only Supplements And Not Workout To Lose Weight And Get Ripped?

I wish I have genetics which I don’t need to workout yet, stay lean year round. LOL. As mentioned earlier, supplements don’t work if your diet plan is not concrete. Furthermore, I am a down-to-earth person who believes purely in hard work and nothing else. For me, supplements are to supplement you. Just do something. Sprints, running, intervals of pushups and pullups. Just do something! If you never start, you will never know if you can make it.

Will Taking Protein Powder/Shakes Make Me Bulky?

Cupcakes, brownie, Ice cream makes you bulky! All right ladies, this part is for you! When you mentioned bulky- what do you really mean? Water retention? Feeling bloated? Well, ‘weight gainers, mass gainers’ might make you bulky because of the high amount of sugar inside the content. Protein is the basic building blocks to repair muscles and many more functions than making you bulky. If you are talking about taking 1 protein shakes right after workout, they will never make you bulky; Never, ever. If you drink protein shakes for every single meal, perhaps you will due to some milk content. If some ladies are more health conscious, you can check out organic / gluten-free protein powder but the downside is that, they are more pricey.

Why Is My Poo Watery Every Time I Drink A Protein Shake?

I do experienced the latter the first time I took my first protein powder. It went on and on for a week then it disappeared. I then found out everybody has a different level of tolerance for lactose. Hence, you might want to check with your doctor what is going on if you are experiencing the above. Another way is to reduce half of the dosage stated in the description so that your digestive system can slowly acclimatize to the new product you are trying to introduce.

Why Is My Urine Becoming More Yellow After I Starting Taking Supplements?

This is an indication that what ever you are taking right now is not being absorbed by the body. Wow! You got expensive pee there! You are literally peeing out your supplements! Lol. Try to split up your supplement intake 3-4 times a day and always take them with a meal. Never take a supplement empty stomach unless stated. Another reason is insufficient water intake. One way to stay hydrated is to estimate and drink back the same amount of water which you have just urinated. This is what I do daily.

Why Is There A Sudden Outbreak Of Acne After I Took Supplements?

It happened to me and a few clients regarding this. The body is clearly unhappy about some changes you are trying to introduce to it. There is nothing you can do about it but trust me, the pimples will just be a short while. It will not stay long. Keep drinking lots of water. Shower and wash your face religiously.

Do I Really Need Supplements?

This is really individual and based on your needs and goals. If you got a date to meet your goals or specific targets in your fitness goal, you definitely need. A lot of people will disagree with me on getting supplements but when accompanied by a concrete diet plan, supplement works wonders.

What Are The Common Supplement/s A Typical Human Being Takes If He/She Works Out 1-3 Times A Week?

It really depend on your budget and lifestyle. Below is the raw minimal supplement startup. You will need Multi-vitamins, Fish Oil and Whey Protein. Yes, just the 3 basic stuff is good enough. I started bodybuilding without any supplements. I learnt the hard way. I only got my first supplement after 1 year of training. During my time, my only protein powder was- Joe Weider. I’m sure you are like- ‘WTF’ if you know what Joe Weider protein powder is. LOL.

What Are The Supplements I Should Take If I Am A Hardcore Gym-Rat?

For Hardcore Gym rat, you will need almost what I am using for my daily life. You will need Multi-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, ALA, Isolate Whey Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA), Vitamin E, Pre-workout Drink. You can google and read up more about why I selected the latter supplements in this article. I can go on and on why but I think it is better you do some research!

How Long Do I Need To Take These Supplements?

There is actually no timeline in which how long you need to take these supplements unless stated. Usually, Fat burners, there will be a cycle; 1 month consuming and another 1 month to reframe from consuming it and repeat. This is a common cycling. Otherwise, you can do what I usually do- change other/new brands but the same supplement. So that your body can benefit from getting different amount of supplement composition from different supplement companies.

How Long Do I Need To Take These Supplements To See Results?

It mainly depends on the nature and the functions of supplements. Also, what kind of result are you looking for. Some supplements will never show you any results because it is inside your body system, keeping your immune system in-check, reducing inflammation, assisting in freeing up radicals etc. Examples of such are fish oil and multi-vitamins. Some supplements like Creatine will give you visible physical results where your muscles physically get bigger by inches due to the drawing of water into the muscle bellies.

Is There Any Discount Code I Can Use To Purchase Supplements Online? Yes of course. Please use my code for further discount before you checkout your cart! – MP34045504 – QUF327

I really hope you enjoy reading this piece of article and have a better perspective in supplementation for your diet. Please share this post if you think it can benefit someone!

Your Fitness Coach,
Amirrudin Ong


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