The society and your diet

Today’s topic is really a philosophical topic which might provoke your thoughts. I urge you to have an open mind and read on. Hopefully after this post, it can help you to see why you are still not losing weight and make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Did you ever wonder why you are fat? Is it because of parental inheritance? Born to be fat? Getting old and metabolism rate is slower? Or you got big bones? Please my dear readers.. All these are nonsense. Please stop believing in all these myths!

We are fat because of the society. We got that belly in our stomach because of the society. We are born into an era where big chain ‘M’ fast food and fried food restaurants are already there. Our parents feed us those and we grew up eating them. Or you are feeding them to your kids right now. Then you got human beings experimenting all sorts of nonsense substances to be called ‘food’, to sell and make money. Let’s take bubbletea, deep fried Oreo biscuits or snickers with chocolate. Are they even food? I regard these people as Illuminati. They don’t care about your health. They are just after your money. Period. When we grow up in this kind of society, there is absolutely no way to turn back and eat ‘real food’. What is real food? I’m referring these real food to poultry, rice, seafood.

Talking about real food, let’s look at local food like chicken rice, laksa. Yes, they are real food but is eating similar food every single day helps? Take chicken rice for example. Look at the amount of oil(from unknown source) and MSG they put into the rice. I assumed that you know the effects of too much MSG in your diet. There are more things which are being stuffed inside the food which you don’t even know when you are eating outside. I did not make any claims anyhow because I used to work in a kitchen for 4-5years. I call this- eating for pleasure because we, human beings came up with these recipes. This in turn changed our taste buds forever.

Imagine a scenario where pre-historic era, the cavemen got only meat to eat and each meal, they got to be out in the sun to hunt their food. Squatting, crouching, proning, long hours of walking and waiting, Mother earth’s vitamin D getting into their skin. Do they fry their meat and eat? Do they even marinate their game with BBQ sauces etc? Do you even see them fat? Ancient drawings depicted them as masculine, strong and big. That is exactly what I am trying to convey to you. As revolution of men evolved, everything changed.

Next, look at the amount of stress we are in right now. How fast the pace of Singaporeans’ life. How many of us are sitting down right in front of the computer for hours and not have any time for exercise? Needless to talk about food here. When time is running out, fast food rules and people will never close this option.

Having born into this society in the 18 century, even myself, eat fast food, fried food, drink bubble tea but is kept to a minimum. The society we are living in right now had changed our way of living and changed our way of eating.

Relate back to all previous posts where I tried to advise no sugar etc and you was like thinking it was mad of me? That is actually to reset your body to its original state where there is no added sugar / sodium into your diet. This way, you will appreciate real food more than before and understand how your body works.

I hope now you understand how messed up we are right now and there is no way that we eat ‘clean’ everyday etc. We just have to give and take. Most importantly, live to be happy, everything in moderation. Now that you understand how the society affects your diet, we will talk about losing those fats in the next post!

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong



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