You are what you eat

“You are what you eat”. Until now, I still believe the latter. You can train for 3-4hrs but if your diet is not dialled in, you will only see little/no results.

I’ve tried all kinds of diet. Be it, eating out clean, selective eating etc. Trust me, if you are preparing for a bodybuilding/physique contest, you got to cook yourself at home. When I say cook yourself, it means- the meal for yourself from the moment you wake up till the last meal before you sleep.

Try not to eat out at all. Not even salad stalls. The amount of meat serving these salad stalls give are far too little for your muscles. You need at least 250g of meat per meal- Remember this, please!

Also, as I used to work as a cook since young, I know exactly what they put in your food which you will not be able to see. When I say cook yourself, don’t try your luck by cooking maggie mee, beef rendang, etc. Don’t push your luck too far.

Cooking yourself is not just Monday-Friday. It includes Saturday and Sunday. So now, go get a non-stick pan and start cooking!

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong