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Online coaching

Giving you the best advice whenever you need.


Guiding you through the process of selecting and cooking your own food.

Personal Training

Private class to help you achieve your dream body.

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Online Coaching

Customised workout regime and nutritional plan for you to follow without compromising your lifestyle.

Personal Training

Select training based on your personal preference, postural assessment to prevent injury, customised meal plan for your workout.


Provide you the answer to your nutrition question which cannot be found anywhere and recommend you supplement to improve your health.

"Dig deeper within yourself so to achieve the most you can in any aspects of life, you got no one to blame except yourself."

amirrudin ong

Amirrudin Ong
Personal Trainer

What My clients say

Don richmond

Amirr is a very mindful and meticulous coach from the get go. Based on the goals I wanted to reach, he devised and personalized a workout and nutrition plan that would suit not only my lifestyle but also my irregular work schedule.

Don Richmond


Focused and meticulous, paying great attention to detail and form, Amirrudin, was not just encouraging as a coach, but also knew how and when to push his clients to achieve more, while educating them about important issues such as proper form and injury prevention.