Chinese New Year Dieting

MuscleMindTips: Chinese New Year Dieting

2016 Chinese New Year is here once again! Another post to teach you how to diet during CYN? Sadly no. This post is actually asking you to feast on! Can’t believe what you’ve just read? Before you read on, I have something to disclose to you:

I am a Born Chinese and I have a Chinese name called 王顺华 . And yes, I celebrate CYN! Both of my parents are Chinese. I am not mixed, hybrid etc. Reason of my Amirrudin is because I converted and embraced back in 2008. You can click here to read more why I converted: 😄

All right, let’s get back to the topic. How many times are you going to do this in your entire life; complaining fat after eating reunion dinner then blaming the pineapple tarts, telling all your friends how bloated and fat you were during CNY period. 👻

I am trying to convey to you to have a balance. Balance in everything. Singapore is really a country which is moving too fast which even myself, sometimes find it difficult to apt into. Think about this- It is just 4 days. It is a season that you have to go through, go ahead and eat those pineapple tarts. We are born into this world where man-made cultures, festive seasons conquered the calendar and we were being brainwashed it is CNY, Christmas, Hari Raya, etc.

Will eating 1 bottle of pineapple make you fat? No, it won’t make you gain weight. Will those 4 days make you fat? The answer is no. You think you are fat, it is actually because of the inflammation, water retention caused by the food you consumed.

Why do I say so?

Let’s take a look at steamboat. What is inside? – Crabmeat, Fujian fishball, tao pok, prawns, hotdogs, mussels etc. What is similar in those food mentioned in the latter? Sodium and MSG content. In case you don’t know, these food has high amount of sodium and iron. They will make you thirsty and then without any doubts, “BURRPP”, a soft drink occupied your stomach. Another 30g of sugar into your tummy. Bingo! LOL. I am pretty certain after the first round of reunion dinner, that is not it. You will have another meal or just to drink the soup. Do you know why? It is because the MSG inside your previous meal increases your appetite and thirst. All these causes inflammation and stress to your body and it takes a few days for your system to clear the unwanted stuff from your intestine. For your info, food can stay up to 30-40 hrs in your stomach. Hence, physically, you feel bloated and fat.

It is fine to eat such high sodium containing food once in a while. I have nothing against it but I’m trying to explain to you the rational from all the claims above from my own experience.

Don’t worry about the ‘bloat’ and feeling of ‘fat’. Your body will fight off the excess of sodium and other toxins within. Your body is self-functioning. Don’t worry a single bit at all.

I hope I have cleared some of these myths so that you have a better picture of why you always looked bloated or ‘fat’ after your CNY. Chill. Enjoy those juicy, sweet mandarin oranges, crunchy hand-made biscuits and chit-chats. It is something which you only get to eat once a year. Really, trust me, let it go and eat. Don’t think about it. 4 days of feasting, you got another 200 plus days to train and work towards your goal!

Of course if you are hardcore one or someone really just started out losing fats and don’t want this festive season to affect your ‘diet’, I am very proud of you. I admire people like you because sometimes I looked upon you people to keep pushing myself forward. You can refer to my other post which I gave advice on how to diet through the festive season:

I wish you the best and sincerely, a very happy Chinese New Year. 👌

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong

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