The best diet for you

Seriously? You really think there is a perfect diet for you which you can stick to it for the rest of your life? The answer is sadly no. There is no one perfect diet for you. Every body is unique; it functions and behaves differently to every single food we consume.

There are tonnes of research and different kinds of diet ranging from Keto to carb-up diet. You can have a read on them in internet.

Our body is ever changing due to age, metabolism and so many more other factors. Even professional athletes’ diet changes every year according to their current body state.

The point of this post is to share with you how to find the right food, different types of diets and how they affect your body. That will be your perfect diet.

The problem with someone trying out a new diet is the time frame given. Many times, after 1 week, the person usually give up. A body takes some time to adjust and respond to a new diet. You got to be patient and fair to yourself.

I have tried ketogenic diet, carb-back loading, renegade diet, intermittent fasting, etc. Most of them suits me well. It suits me well doesn’t mean it suits you well. Another thing is:- my body may respond well to certain food being consumed but it may not be the same for another person. Everyone is different and unique. Hence, please dump the idea of- Whatever your friend tried and it worked for him/her because it might not work perfectly fine for you.

Below are some commonly used diet which works generally well for the whole human population on earth, both females and males. You might have heard/seen them before but I’ve simplified for you to read. I have combined and mixed them for my clients and they received good results from it. Do google about them and try it out yourself. There is no harm trying.

Ketogenic diet This diet is always called Keto. It involves very low/ no carbs, depending solely on a high fat and moderate protein diet. High fats I meant good fats. They are food like Avocado, butter, oily fish like salmon, almonds. People doing this diet has to be really knowledge of the fats they intake as they will always end up craving for sugary food. Without the right amount of fats, one’s energy and performance can be weakened a lot which can affect his/her daily life. Females doing this diet might have hormonal changes.

Intermittent fasting (IF) This diet is whereby you will have a time frame which you will go on life without any food. Eg. skipping your usual breakfast at 7am and then eating your lunch only at 12pm. However, during this period, they still drink water. People who cannot control their hunger will eat what they see insight; overeat most of the time. This stresses the intestines and have lots of adverse aftermath. Hence, one has to know how to re-introduce food back to the body bit by bit.

Carb-back loading (CBL) This diet is simply saving all carbs in the day and eat only at night. It works best if you trains at night and you can eat a mountain of rice right after your training to compensate for the day. The reason of eating carbohydrate at night is to utilise a powerful hormone called, ‘Insulin’.

Renegade diet (RD) This is a combination of intermittent fasting, keto and carb back loading. It is a fusion of most diets with a profound research behind every details yet easy to understand and follow. You can google up on Jason Ferrugia, who invented RD. I tried this diet and I became lean within 2 months. Amazing. Really.

Calorie counting I don’t need to explain this. People who eats out a lot will have a calorie counter called, ‘FitnessPal’. Familiar? Yeah. With that, people live their life calculating calories; counting every single meal endlessly.

If it fits your macro (IIFYM) This is a diet whereby you calculate the amount of calories you need a day(depending on your goals; either fat loss or weight gain) and then have a meal of whatever you like daily. Eg. you eat 2500 calories a day of clean food and you are at 2000 calories, you will eat a favourite food of yours. Macro here means macro and micro nutrients. Macronutrients are food like Protein, Carbohydrate, fats. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals required for body function in small quantities.

There are so much information which I can go on and on but you can google them yourself to read them in details. After reading these diets, I hope you have come to realise that all these diets are man-made. They are not something you should be sticking to for your entire life. Keep exploring foods around you and choose them wisely. I wish you health and happiness.

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong


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