How to get rid of that belly fat

This is the most common question I have over the years. My first answer will always be, ‘It is your diet’. Then they will give me that ‘REALLY’ look on their face. First, we have to understand how our body works. Fats are being stored all over our human body In fat cells called adipocytes. For both gender, excessive amount of fats consumed when the ‘tank cells’ are full, it will always be stored in the following order: stomach, chin, neck, breasts, butt, thighs, arms then chest area, causing the fat cells to enlarge. Thus, physically, you’ll be fat. The latter information was gathered and observed by myself throughout the years from my clients, friends and of course, myself. For myself, fats are stored of course in my stomach then my legs.

1. Eliminate all unnecessary sugar containing food in your daily life. Most of the time we are consuming far too much sugar than we know. Canned drinks will be your in your list. Eliminate them. Look at the amount of advertisements the soft drink companies are doing to make you buy them. It is ridiculous. Next, will be fruits. Eat your fruits at the right time. Do not eat them after a huge meal. Your glycogen storage will be so full that after a meal, it will reject the extra sugar you’ve eaten to the fat cells instead. Eat them before/after your workout/training instead so that the body can fully utilise the sugar for energy. You may think that a tablespoon of sugar is fine for your morning coffee but 10 days will be 10 tablespoons of sugar. Think again.

2. Eliminate all unnecessary ‘hidden’ carbohydrates in your daily life. No, I’m not telling you to reduce your carbs or stop your carbs. A lot of times when we eat out, we have gravy in a dish. Have you ever wonder what is it that makes up the think gravy? Most of the time is corn flour. This is what I called ‘hidden’ carbs.

3. Eliminate food which are being fried, processed, chemically preserved. I don’t have to explain more for this section. You should know more than me I presume.

4. Try to cook at home rather than dinning out. There are so many benefits of eating in than out but the main thing I listed here is because you know what you put inside the food. Every single detail. Hence, you will know what exactly you are eating.

5. Commit yourself to exercise at least 3x a week consistently. This is the final stage of destroying that belly of yours. Without this, your process will be hindered. A lot of people asked me if there is a way not to exercise but still lose fats, I said YES. It is possible but what for when you can have so many benefits while exercising? You cannot say no time. Let’s face it. We got 4am, 5am, 6am before your usual ‘wake up’ time for work. A lot of people didn’t realise the latter option. I used to wake up 4am to do my runs before I go work at 6am. Work around your time and I’m sure this can be done.

6. Be realistic. A lot of times I’ve heard people coming up to me and said, “Amirr, why my tummy is not going down?” Say you have that tummy for the past 20 years and after 3 months of ‘dieting’ by yourself, you started to complain and give up. Is that fair? No. Not cool at all. You need to give yourself at least a year to see visible results. Stop believing in those marketing advertisements where it says you will get 6 packs in 8 weeks, etc. I will cover that in the near future.

I hope the above information helps you to understand a little more about the food you have been consuming.

I am writing this piece of information for the general crowd of course. After reading this and if you go- what? Is this information for bodybuilders or ordinary people? Please read back the previous post to understand more about the society and your diet-

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Your Fitness Coach, Amirrudin Ong


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