Pre-Christmas Diet Tips

 I do eat Junk food too!
I do eat Junk food too!

It is the month of December. I call it the month of “phantom fat gaining” 👻. Christmas day and New year is coming. Oh yes! You must be thinking about turkey, lamb ribs, log cakes, eggnogs and whole lot of other good food. You must be thinking you will hit the gym harder after eating all those? Unfortunately, our body doesn’t function this way. You are putting your body into a lot more stress than you ever expected. You will actually feel less energetic and not able to lift like how you used to after eating all the food.

Instead of eating your heart out, complaining how ‘fat’ and ‘bloated’ you are then regretting what you just did (almost every year I presume 😄) and hitting the gym harder, why not start eating no-nonsense food for now? I know it is just 4 days but I promise, you can let loose on the 25th December and new year eve. Follow the steps below.

1. Eliminate all kinds of sugar(No fruits, no carrots, no pumpkins, no sweet drinks, no bubble tea, no chocolates, no candies, no ice cream)

2. Eliminate all fried oily food (Yeah, no fishballs from Old Chang Kee).

3. Eliminate all kinds of gravy from your food, no soups, no salad dressings (Yeah, simply eat as dry as possible)

4. Eliminate milk, cheese, pasta, cream, bread, noodles.

After reading this, let’s start this movement tomorrow. No cheating and no shortcuts. Persevere and food will be in front of you very soon. PS: Let your friend to know about this piece of information and spread it!

Oh wait. You must be thinking what the hell should you eat because the list of food above is actually your diet year round! 👿 All right, chill. Below is a selection of food you can eat:

For carbohydrates,

You can eat all kinds of rice, kuay teow(made from rice), all colors of sweet potatoes, yams, Quinoa and any gluten-free form of carbs.

For protein,

You can eat all kinds of fish, beef, pork, chicken, protein shakes etc. For meat, preferably grilled or pan-fry. For fibre, you can eat all kinds of vegetables.

Lastly, for healthy fats,

You can have coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, avocado oil, avocados and only baked nuts.

For those individuals who really want to try this out and can’t cook your own food, choose your food outside wisely. PM me if you need some help, I can help you on that.

If you think this post is useful and can be beneficial to someone close to you, LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE it! Any burning questions, please send me an email.

Your Fitness Coach,
Amirrudin Ong


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